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Ghotit Real Writer & Reader

Ghotit Real Writer & Reader software for Windows and Mac is a writing assistive technology solution for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other learning disabilities. Ghotit's spelling and grammar checker starts by performing a spell check and an in-depth analysis of the written text, suspecting every word as a misspelled or misused word (misused words are words that are spelled correctly but are used in the wrong context). Following this preliminary analysis, Ghotit analyzes English gram

Ginger Software

The Ginger Software is designed for users with cognitive disabilities, developmental disabilities, or learning disabilities how to write. This software offers grammar checker that analyzes context to determine any errors or misspellings. For instance, Ginger can recognize whether “there,” “their” or “they’re” should be used in a sentence, which is a common mistake in writing. Additional features include word prediction and sentence rephrasing tools that can be helpful for students learning how t

Ginger Spelling And Grammar Checker

The Ginger Spelling and Grammar Checker is a word processor program with voice output option designed for use by individuals with dyslexia. This program enables children and adults with learning disabilities to independently write comprehensible, error-free text in English. The kinds of spelling mistakes commonly generated by people with dyslexia are corrected automatically based on context and phonetic word similarity. The program corrects phonetic spelling mistakes, unusual spelling mistakes,

Pnc Memo

PnC Memo is a voice output and large print word processor program designed for use by individuals with low vision. Users can write letters, memos, and other documents while viewing them in large print characters. Each letter and word is spoken when typed. The program includes a built-in spelling checker that can correct misspellings automatically, or allow the user to choose from a "Pick n Click" list of additional suggested words or type in a correction.


Proloquo is a communicator and voice output program designed for use by individuals with communication, learning, or speech disabilities or low vision. This program enables a computer to function as an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) system for people who cannot speak. Text typed into the program is spoken, and words and phrases can be custom set to be spoken with a mouse click or keystroke. The program can also speak messages associated with image-based speech panels designed w

Text Cloner Pro

Text Cloner Pro is an optical character recognition program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This program is designed to work with a voice output screen reader program (not included), and therefore does not include its own speech engines. The program handles multiple columns and page orientation automatically. Documents can be scanned in high speed mode, in which images and tables are ignored, or in detailed mode. Other features include single button functions, a

Text-To-Audio - Version 10.0

Text-to-Audio – Version 10.0 is an audio file creation program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This program converts electronic text files into audio files with clear, natural-sounding voices using Cepstral's Natural Voices. It can turn e-books into audio books on a personal computer or CD. An hour's worth of audio can be produced in four minutes. The program can automatically break up an e-book into segments in separate audio files or tracks on an audio CD, and

Transcription Aid

Transcription Aid is a text editor program designed for use to edit documents dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional voice input program (see entry). After a document has been dictated and automatically transcribed by NaturallySpeaking, this text editor presents the text generated by NaturallySpeaking on screen while the recorded voice is played back, enabling the user to correct the small number of mistakes (approximately 2 to 3 percent) made by NaturallySpeaking. A foot pedal is

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