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Keyboard Modification Program

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Easy Access

Easy Access is a set of keyboard utilities built into the Apple Macintosh operating system that allow the user to modify the operation of the keyboard and mouse for individuals who have limited upper extremity mobility. The utilities are provided with the operating system at no additional cost. Sticky Keys is a feature that allows single-finger operation of the keyboard. With Sticky Keys turned on, the "modifier" keys (such as SHIFT) can be pressed before the key they modify, rather than at the

Google Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Keyboard Shortcuts are a keyboard modification program designed to enable individuals with upper extremity disabilities who cannot use a mouse to navigate through Web search results. These Shortcuts allow the user to explore search results quickly without taking their hands from the keyboard to use the mouse. After a search is performed, the user begins with the "K" key, located under the right middle finger. Press "K" once to bring up the colorful balls and then as needed to move down to

Half-Qwerty One-Handed Keyboard Software

The Half-QWERTY One-handed Keyboard Software is a one-hand keyboard modification program designed to allow a standard keyboard to also function as a one-handed keyboard, using a technique similar to two-handed touch typing. The user types with one hand in the standard home-row position for that hand. To type characters of the other hand, the user simply holds down the space bar and performs the finger movement previously performed by the other hand. Hitting the space bar only generates a space.

Mac Os X Version 10.2 Jaguar

Mac OS X Jaguar is a computer operating system with built-in keyboard modification, mouse emulator, screen magnification, speech synthesizer, visual beep indicator, voice input, and voice output programs, designed for use by individuals who are blind, deaf or hard of hearing, or who have low vision or upper extremity disabilities. For users with low vision, this operating system provides a Zoom display option that uses the Quartz rendering and compositing engine to magnify the contents of the sc

My-T-Mouse For Kids

My-T-Mouse for kids is a mouse emulator program and an on screen keyboard program designed to provide an interface specifically for children through any pointing device for individuals with limited upper limb mobility and/or coordination. It offers complete access and control over all computer functions whether it is through mice, trackballs, pens, touchscreens, joysticks, switches, etc. This program offers three "Heads-Up Display" keyboards in nine different sizes including Alphabetical, QWERTY


My-T-Pen is an on screen keyboard program designed for industrial and commercial applications to allow a mouse or any other pointing device (including track balls, pens, touch screens, joysticks, puffing devices, head mice, InfraRed, switches and digitizer pads) to operate within any Windows program without, or as an addition to, a keyboard to minimize movement and simplify multi-keystroke actions to a single action for persons with physical disabilities. The software contains 5 different U.S. (


My-T-Touch is an on screen keyboard program designed for use in industrial and commercial applications by people with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. This program enables touchscreen pointing device to operate within any Windows program to minimize movement and simplify multi-keystroke actions to a single action. The software includes five different U.S. (including ABCD, DVORAK and QWERTY) and more than175 international keyboards, which appear on the screen in a "Heads-Up" format in

One-Hand Keyboard

One-Hand Keyboard is a keyboard modification program for one hand designed for use by upper extremity amputees and other disabilities that prevent the use of one hand. Once installed, the software creates a mirror image of half of the keyboard on the other half. For example if the left half of the keyboard is mirrored on the right, the "i" key can also be used to type "e" and the "h" key also can type "g." The "Caps Lock" key allows the user to toggle between one- and two-hand typing. This progr


Stickey is a keyboard modification program designed to help one-finger and mouthstick typists to execute function commands which require keys to be pressed simultaneously. This memory resident program enables the user to depress keys such as SHIFT, CONTROL, and ALT one at a time instead of at the same time. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM PC or compatible computers.


WebAdapt2Me is a large print and voice output Web browser and key modificaition program designed for use by individuals with visual, cognitive, or upper extremity disabilities. This program enlarges text, reduces visual clutter, reads Web page content aloud, and automatically adjusts keyboard sensitivity to the user's typing style. It manipulates Web pages without requiring Web developers to rewrite or change Web site content. The program can magnify everything on a Web page up to 250 percent, e

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