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Monitor And Keyboard Light

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Apple Keyboard.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Modification of an Apple computer keyboard to connect the shift and control keys to allow a caps lock function. Describes modifying an Apple keyboard with alternate action switches for the shift and control keys using an Alternate Action (Dual Action) P/N K705-0002 and 0-degree Guide P/N K815-0005 parts, obtainable from an Apple dealer. This allows typing in upper and lower case without needing to hold down one key while typing another. SKILLS REQUIRED

Clickit! For Macintosh & Clickit! For Windows

ClickIt! is a mouse emulator program designed to provide access to Macintosh or Windows programs with IntelliKeys (see separate entry), switches, or the regular keyboard for individuals with physical, cognitive or visual disabilities. The program provides instant mouse-less access to menus, dialog boxes and scroll bars. It also allows custom overlays or switches to click on Hot Spots on the screen. Other features include automatically sending an overlay when launching a new program or when the s

Creature Antics

Creature Antics is a cause and effect training program program designed to improve attention skills and teach cause and effect, turn-taking, and switch use for individuals with developmental, cognitive, visual or physical disabilities or autism. This program is designed to increase auditory and visual attention; train cause and effect and turn taking; develop intentionality; and offer recreational enjoyment. Users activate a single switch, touch screen, or the space bar to make "creatures" perfo

Creature Magic

Creature Magic is a single switch program designed to introduce early language and cognitive concepts, cause and effect, turn-taking and use of a single switch for individuals with developmental, physical or visual disabilities or autism. This program is designed to introduce early language concepts, provide exposure to word combinations, reinforce critical cognitive concepts and offer recreational enjoyment. There are four games which show the concept of non-existence where things disappear and


The Discover:Board is a keyboard interface designed for use by children and adults with upper extremity, visual, or cognitive disabilities. This voice output keyboard speaks letters, words, or sentences to provide auditory feedback and can be used with such applications as ClarisWorks, Co:Writer, Write:OutLoud, Speaking Dynamically, and the Internet. The set includes the large membrane keyboard, four keyboard overlays, overlay creation software, support for a variety of programs, text entry capa

Discover:ke:nx Evaluation Set

The Discover:Ke:nx Evaluation Set is a keyboard interface kit designed to offer a wide range of computer access features for multiple users with physical disabilities. The package includes Ke:nx, PCA Checklist, Big:Calc, Kids in Action Icon Gallery, Key Largo, Macintosh TouchWindow; KeyGuard 128 for Key Largo, DJ (Don Johnston) Switch Kit, and Write:Outloud (see also separate entries). COMPATIBILITY: For use on Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: ADB port, hard drive, 8 megabytes RAM, an


Discover:Kenx (pronounced "connects") is a keyboard interface designed to enable individuals with upper extremity, severe physical, or cognitive disabilities to access a computer using a choice of methods other than a standard keyboard. This device plugs directly into the keyboard port and enables customization for multiple users; the system remembers user preferences and automatically selects the appropriate set-ups. For example, one or two switches can be connected for scanning access, Key La


The Discover:Switch is a single-switch keyboard modification and on-screen keyboard program designed to enable children with physical disabilities to access popular educational software. The voice-output switch enables students to use educational software, send e-mail, and operate multimedia programs. The switch includes all necessary software to enable it to display and speak a standard keyboard layout or to display and speak words, phrases, or sentences displayed in a keyboard-style matrix. Wi


Emulate software is a keyboard interface program and communication device accessory designed to allow VOIS 160 keyboard users to operate computers using the VOIS keyboard. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and IBM compatible computers.

Exploring Verbs

Exploring Verbs is a vocabulary tutorial program designed to provide open ended exploration and training of early vocabulary in realistic contexts for individuals with developmental, physical or language learning disabilities or autism. Benefits of this program include building vocabulary, encouraging verbal expression, and facilitating social interaction. Features include clear colorful scenes; high-quality speech; optional animated reinforcement; teacher control over lesson presentation; acces

First Words Classic Version (Model 101-Wp)

First Words Classic Version, model 101-WP, is a vocabulary enhancement and tutorial program designed to provide highly-structured tutorial training of early-developing nouns and verbs for children or adults with developmental, physical or language learning disabilities or autism. This program uses colorful pictures, an encouraging voice, and a lovable animated character called the Blob to teach and test 50 of the earliest developing nouns within 10 categories. Each noun is represented by two ill

Half-Qwerty One-Handed Keyboard Software

The Half-QWERTY One-handed Keyboard Software is a one-hand keyboard modification program designed to allow a standard keyboard to also function as a one-handed keyboard, using a technique similar to two-handed touch typing. The user types with one hand in the standard home-row position for that hand. To type characters of the other hand, the user simply holds down the space bar and performs the finger movement previously performed by the other hand. Hitting the space bar only generates a space.

Key Largo

Key Largo is a modified keyboard designed for use by indivisuals with upper extremity or cognitive disabilities. This membrane keyboard can be set up with as few as two keys for simple choice making or it can be set up with a full 128-key latout for maximum functionality. The flexibility of the keyboard enables the user to have his or her own specific number of keys, keyboard configuration, specific letters, and specific pictures and/or speech feedback for communication and learning needs. Using

Keyboard Frame

The Keyboard Frame is a keyboard interface designed to allow users with limited arm movement to adjust the positioning of a computer keyboard and to facilitate access by wheelchair users. The device consists of a steel frame with two arms fixed to a 3/4-inch steel tube. The frame swivels on a steel plate which locks using a 2-inch wing nut. The whole device is attached to a desktop utilizing a standard C-clamp. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by John Duffus for persons who find standard keyboard

Keyboard Retractable Shelf (Models R7196 & R7197)

The Keyboard Retractable Shelf is an adjustable keyboard tray designed to support the keyboard at the most comfortable height for each individual user, and to free up valuable workspace. This tray attaches underneath the desk or table top, and slides horizontally to a maximum of 17.75 inches. The tray has tilt adjustments to provide keyboard slant up to 15 degrees. In addition, the tray is also adjustable vertically by 5.75 inches and swivels 360 degrees. Each adjustment position is secured with

Literacy Pack

The Literacy Pack is a set of access and literacy items, including a keyboard interface, a voice output word processor program, and a spelling tutorial program, designed for use by individuals with cognitive, visual, and upper extremity disabilities. This package includes IntelliKeys and IntelliTalk (see separate entries) by IntelliTools and Spell-A-Word (see separate entry). COMPATIBILITY: Versions are available for use with Macintosh computers or IBM and compatible computers equipped with Wind


The LogicLight is a keyboard light designed for use by people with low vision. This light connects to any USB port, and its 10 built-in LEDs can be positioned over the keyboard using its flexible gooseneck arm. This light is designed specifically for use with LogicKeyboard's keyboards for PC and Macintosh, including the XL Print PC Slim Line Keyboard and XL Print Apple Advance Keyboard (see separate entries) which feature integrated USB ports. POWER: Uses 5-volt DC from a USB connection. DIMENSI

Maltron Single Left And Right Handed Keyboard

The Maltron Single Left and Right Handed Keyboards are modified keyboards specifically designed for one-handed operation. These Plug-n-Play keyboards have a sculptured shape to provide key heights suited to finger lengths to reduce fatigue and increase speed and accuracy. The letter layout has been developed to meet the special needs of single-handed operation and incorporates push-on/off keys for Control, Shift, and Alt functions. The alphabet, numeric, and arrow keys are all included in the de

Mini-Arm Keyboard Platform

The Mini-Arm Keyboard Platform has four adjustable functions: height, tilt, rotation, and position. It was ergonomically designed to provide comfort for computer operators in an effort to decrease the risk of repetitive motion damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The Mini-Arm can be factory or field installed on any 29-inch McDowell-Craig top (and most other manufacturers' tops as well). It is especially effective when used under a McDowell-Craig Power Table (see separate entry), for this comb

Mod 80 Braille Terminal

The Mod 80 is a refreshable braille display and keyboard interface designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This system comprises an 84-cell Braille display, a keyboard, and a 16-key function pad that can be combined to create a customized system to provide access to most computer operating systems, including DOS, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, and Linux. Standard features include 80 concave Braille cells with routing keys, four status cells, and eight function keys.


My-T-Mouse is a keyboard interface program designed to allow a mouse or any other pointing device (including track balls, pens, touch screens, joysticks, puffing devices, head mice, InfraRed, switches and digitizer pads) to operate within Windows without, or as an addition to, a keyboard to minimize movement and simplify multi-keystroke actions to a single action for persons with physical disabilities. The software contains 5 different U.S. (including ABCD, DVORAK and QWERTY) and 20 internationa


OnScreen, formerly called My-T-Soft AT, is an on screen keyboard and word prediction program designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities. The program provides a virtual onscreen keyboard interface with a total of 206 U.S. and international keyboards, including a standard QWERTY layout, an alphabetic "ABC" keyboard, and Dvorak layouts. The edit panel and the numeric keypad are available as separate panels. The "heads-up" display enables the user to keep his or

Programmable Foot Switch

The Programmable Foot Switch is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This programmable switch enables mouse or keyboard functions to be performed with a foot. Keyboard functions such as shift, enter or space can be remapped to and entered by one of the three foot pedals. Each pedal can also be programmed to perform macros or key sequences up to 13 characters in length. Included with the switch is Windows software which enables the unit to perform left, right, or cen

Proportional Keystroke Scanner

The Proportional Keystroke Scanner is an input device that plugs directly into an electric typewriter for simple communication and text editing, or can be used with a personal computer or terminal for more sophisticated tasks. Keystrokes are generated by manipulating a small display via small pressures generated using a sip and puff mouthpiece. It is operated by scanning characters at a rate that is proportional to user applied vacuum. The system consists of a display module with all the charact

Qualieye & Qualieye Lite

QualiEye is a cursor control interface designed for use by individuals with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. This program provides a hands-free mouse alternative, enabling users to move the cursor using body movements and give commands using gestures. The program converts head or finger movements into on-screen cursor movements in real time by processing the images of a standard USB camera (not included). The program provides precise cursor control without r

Qualiworld Basic

QualiWorld Basic is a software platform including mouse emulator programs, a computer configuration utility, and a single switch keyboard modification program designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities, spinal cord injury, or upper extremity disabilities. The software platform includes QualiSet, QualiEye (see entry), Radar Mouse, XY Mouse, Sirectional Mouse, AutoScan, ManualScan, and AutoClick. The package is multilingual (English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian) and


The SS-ACCESS! is a single switch keyboard modification program designed for individuals with little or no hand mobility or strength. Simply plug the interface cable into the PC's serial port, plug the switch into the interface, run the support software and run the single switch software. A user-defined keyboard character is sent to the single switch application each time the user presses the switch. The package includes the switch interface, the support software, SS-DEMO game and an easy to fol

Switch Xs

Switch XS is a mouse emulator and single switch keyboard modification program designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, fine motor, neurological, or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. It enables individuals who cannot use a mouse or keyboard to operate a computer by pressing a single switch. It works with any standard Macintosh application and offers full mouse and keyboard emulation by means of a scanning mode. With each click on the switch the user selects an actio


The SwitchBoard is a switch adapter for computer designed for use by individuals with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. This product is a modified keyboard with switch ports to replicate the most commonly used keyboard presses for switches. Switches are plugged into the appropriate ports as needed. There are jacks for enter and space, which are used by most available switch software; 0, 1, 2, and 3, which are used by Don Johnston software; left, up, down, and right, which are used by


SwitchMouse is a mouse emulator program designed for users who access the computer with one or two switches or joysticks. The switches connect to the computer via a serial or parallel port to move the mouse cursor, click, and drag. The program provides multiple scanning modes for selection of mouse direction. The program can be interfaced to the EEK program (see separate entry) to allow text entry by direct scanning. The program is supplied with one switch adapter (but switch itself is not inclu

Talktime With Tucker

Talk Time with Tucker is a speech training program designed to encourage children with with language learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, visual disabilities or autism to practice a variety of vocalization skills and to experiment with the duration, pitch, and volume of their utterances. The program not only encourages expressive verbalization, it fosters conversation turn-taking and builds imagination and confidence. It features voice activated animation ro

Twiddler, The (Model Hkt-35)

The Twiddler is a 5-inch long pocket-sized mouse pointer and full-function keyboard in a single unit that can be used with either the right or left hand. The unit is equipped with a 6-foot cord and will work as far as 50 feet away from the computer. This combination unit is good for individuals who do computer work from a bed, one-handed individuals, or individuals with difficulties accessing a keyboard and a mouse. The Twiddler has three rows of keys on the front surface. Each row is designated

Ukandu Little Books: A Day At Play, Out And About

UKanDu Little Books is a story writing software program series designed to help build literary skills for children. "A Day at Play" and "Out and About" each feature three, four-paged animated stories designed to be finished by the user. On each page, the user is challenged to complete each sentence and is given two words to choose from. The program also features auditory cues, speech and sounds, built-in single-switch access, and all pages automatically print on one page. The user is also given


WinSCAN is a single switch control interface designed to provide independent control access to programs for individuals who are single switch users. This product allows the user to navigate through Windows, choose program icons and run application programs and games. WinSCAN works by superimposing a scanning control display window in front of an application program. The display contains words or icons to represent the functions needed to navigate and operate the software. The display can be pos

X-Keys Controller (Usb)

The X-Keys Controller (USB) is a keyboard interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. This unit is a compound programmable keyboard and joystick designed to provide access to custom or stock software and can be used in conjunction with the standard keyboard or as a stand-alone keyboard for applications not requiring a standard keyboard. The patented built-in joystick offers precise control with little movement and the design permits additional contr

X-Keys Desktop

X-Keys Desktop is a keyboard interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. This unit is a keypad with 20 user-programmable keys that provide one-button access to shortcuts such as macros and hotkeys. Users can create their own macros with keystroke programming. The keyboard comes in USB or PS/2 versions. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM and compatible or Macintosh computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: For PC, 2000, XP, or Vista operating system. For Mac, OSX o

X-Keys Foot Pedal

The X-Keys Foot Pedal is a keyboard interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. This unit is a programmable keyboard designed to provide access to custom or stock software and can be used in conjunction with the standard keyboard or as a stand-alone keyboard for applications not requiring a standard keyboard. The unit provides three foot pedals that can be programmed to replace keyboard commands; a separate command can be programmed with the pedal

X-Keys Pro

The X-Keys Pro is a keyboard interface designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or fine motor disabilities. This unit is a programmable keyboard designed to provide access to custom or stock software and can be used in conjunction with the standard keyboard or as a stand-alone keyboard for applications not requiring a standard keyboard. The unit provides 58 user-programmable keys that accept multiple keystrokes, enabling multiple keystrokes to be programmed to a single key. Informa

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