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Encoding Communicator

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Brain Scanning Speller

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype a brain-scanning speller for individuals who have communication or neurological disabilities or have experienced stroke or brain injury. Researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands have developed a device that provides people who are completely unable to speak or move at all with a means to communicate. The device builds upon previous work using functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) technology. FMRI is a non-invasive technique that m

Go Talk 4+

Go Talk 4+ is a sequential communicator designed for children and adults who have little or no speech and gives them the ability to communicate their needs, record words and messages which correlate to the picture. Record in any language. GoTalk 4+ is lightweight and durable. 20 message capacity (4 large keys, each 3" square, and five recording levels). Two "core messages" that remain constant when you change levels.


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype augmentative and alternative communicate device that is worn like a pair of glasses for individuals with communication and speech disabilities. The i-Mos looks like a pair of glasses. It tracks the users eye movements and translates them into Morse code inputs. The Morse code is then translated into speech. Looking to the left indicates a “dot” and looking to the right, a “dash.” The device includes aids for sentence completion and a built

Vois 160 With P.a.l.l.s. Software

VOIS 160 is an electronic communication aid that generates synthesized speech. Words and phrases can be typed in and may be saved under a specific key location or as a sequence of keys. The VOIS 160 has a flat membrane keyboard that can be configured to contain up to 104 keys; key size is variable. The device may also be attached to any computer that has an RS232 interface; commands from the computer for programming and saving vocabulary to a backup file can be accepted by the VOIS 160. Ther

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