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Laryngectomy Shower Shield

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Cover Up

Cover Up is a laryngectomy shower shield. This water repellant cover is designed to protect the stoma. It consists of a contour fitting collar with a velcro strap. SIZE: One size fits all.

Cover Up Shower Collar

The Cover Up Shower Collar is a plastic bib esigned to protect a tracheostomy or stoma in the shower. It is also for use during shampooing or shaving.The contoured fitting collar has Velcro closure that fits people who have necks that are between 9 and 19 inches in diameter. DIMENSIONS (WxH): 9 x 7.5 inches.

Ready Made Stoma Shield, Make Your Own Stoma Shield Stoma Shield Cover And Band, Stomaguard Shower Shield.

Ready made disposable filter cover for stoma protection for laryngectomees. Size 2 inches by 2 1/8 inches. Light weight, self adhering. Made of hypoallergenic adhesive tape. Make your own stoma shields available for those who cannot use standardized stoma shields due to stoma size, shape or location. Includes extra wide strips of filter material that is nonallergenic, nontoxic and poly urethane foam. Includes roll of nonirritating hypoallergenic medical, double adhesive tape for attaching to nec

Shower Collar

Laryngectomy or tracheostomy stoma shower shield. Small plastic barber type drape measures 6 inches by 9 inches; covers stoma. Collar keeps water out of stoma while showering.

Stoma Shower Shield.

Shower shield to cover stoma. Velcro pad closure in front, band extends around neck.

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