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Hot Pack Cover

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Healthsmart Kids Margo Moo Reusable Hot/cold Compress (Model 615-5000-0001)

The HealthSmart Kids Margo Moo Reusable Hot/Cold Compress, model 615-5000-0001, is a pediatric hot and cold pack holder designed for use by children with upper or lower extremity injuries. The unit consists of a plush stuffed cow that holds a reusable hot and cold compress. The stuffed animal provides a protective barrier between the compress and the child's body, while it attaches securely to the child's arms or legs using hook-and-loop fasteners on the cow's fore and hind legs. The stuffed ani

Hot Pack Covers

Moist heat pack covers. Variety of styles and sizes. Terrycloth or terry foam with or without pockets. Heat pack with covers available.

Hydrocollator Terry Cloth Covers

The Hydrocollator Terry Cloth Covers are hot pack covers designed to fit each of the Hydrocollator Steam Packs (see separate entry). The covers are made of traditional-weave terry cloth and are available in several styles. The standard cover features Velcro straps to prevent accidental unwrapping or slipping. Other models include a pocket-style cover with a foam-filled lining in institutional or home-use designs and a terry and vinyl model to prevent moisture bleeding. Extra vinyl covered pads a

Hydrotherm Terry Velour Cover (Models 5110, 5112, & 5113)

The Hydrotherm Terry Velour Cover, models 5110, 5112, and 5113, is a hot pack cover designed for thermal therapy. It is available in standard, oversize and cervical neck size. Heat packs slip into the cover, which secures with Velcro fasteners. DIMENSIONS: Standard (model 5110) is 18 x 26 inches; cervical (model 5112) is 17 x 23 inches; and oversize (model 5113) is 49 x 18.5 inches.

Parent Category: Heat Therapy

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