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APHont is a low vision font designed for use by readers with low vision. It embodies characteristics that have been shown to enhance reading speed, comprehension, and comfort for large print users. The APHont Suite consists of Regular, Bold, Italic, and Italic Bold fonts. Features include more even spacing between letters; higher crossbars; no serifs; wider letters; heavier letters; underslung "j" and "q"; more open letters; and larger punctuation marks.

Tiresias Fonts

Tiresias Fonts are low vision fonts designed for use by individuals with low vision. These fonts are in Windows and Macintosh TrueType Format, and include Screenfont, PCfont, Infofont, Signfont, and LPfont (each font sold separately). Designs are based on a study of the key factors that affect legibility, including character shapes, relative thickness of the character shapes, inter-character spacing, and aspect ratios that affect the maximum size at which a font can be used. Screenfont is for u

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