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Tactile Graph Reading Kit

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Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES

Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES is a book designed for children with low vision. These concept books provide interactive, independent learning for young children as they build basic concepts and develop early tactile skills. The format of LINE PATHS (and future Flip-Over-Concept Books) includes tactile and full-color panels that can be turned freely until the child finds adjacent panels that match, continue a line or pattern, complete a sequence, build an image, and so on.

Setting the Stage for Tactile Understanding Kit: Making Tactile Pictures Make Sense

Setting the Stage is designed for children with low vision. Setting the Stage is a set of tangible items and activities that assists young tactile readers in making the transition from the exploration of real objects to the interpretation of two-dimensional representations, both in thermoformed formats and simple raised-line illustrations. A 3-dimensional house model aids with advanced understanding of scale and perspective.

Tangible Graphs Kit (Model 1-08860-00)

The Tangible Graphs Kit, model 1-08860-00, is a set of materials designed for use as educational aids for teaching tactile graph reading skills to children who are blind or have low vision. Materials in this tactile graph reading kit help students develop skills for reading tactile pictographs and bar, circle, and line graphs. The kit includes a three volume braille student text (with raised graphic displays on brailon and paper), a two volume braille student graph test for evaluating students'

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