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Tactile Calendar

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Classroom Calendar Kit (Models 1-18970-00 & 1-18973-00)

The Classroom Calendar Kit is a tactile and braille calendar designed for teaching time concepts to children who are blind or have low vision. This large wall calendar includes a raised-line grid and removable plastic labels for the year, names of the months, days of the week, and numerals one through thirty-one, as well as holiday and weather symbols. The high-contrast labels are also marked in braille. In addition to the time concepts of year, month, week, and date, the calendar can be used to

Individual Calendar Kit (Model 1-18971-00)

The Individual Calendar Kit, model 1-18971-00, is a set of materials for making braille and tactile calendars, designed for use in teaching calendar skills to children who are blind or have low vision. Materials include twelve brightly colored embossed / bold line grid sheets, and paper labels showing the months, days of the week, and days of the month. Labels are marked in both large print and braille, with corner cuts for orientation.

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