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Toilet Riser

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Beneke Samaritan Lift Seat (Model Sl 503)

The Beneke Samaritan Lift Seat, model SL503, is toilet lift seat designed for use by individuals with physical disabilities. The lift raises the seat height by 3-7/8 inches. The seat is elongated and has an open front. A full rotational stainless steel hinge bracket raises the lift seat two inches away from the bowl for cleaning. The sanitary inner rim directs all moisture into the bowl and prevents moisture flow to the outside rim. The seat is made of plastic with stainless steel mounting bolts

Easy Toilet Riser

The Easy Toilet Riser is a toilet riser designed to elevate a toilet for people with mobility or balance disabilities. This unit attaches to the floor and is designed to fit toilets with a base that is 14 inches or less in length. The unit is constructed of ridged poly vinyl chlorate and elevates the entire toilet by 4 inches. It is easy to clean and can be used in homes or commercial facilities. The unit comes with two 6-inch closet bolts, two wax rings, one extended water pipe, two washers, tw

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