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Low Vision Projection Screen

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Individual Study Screen (Model 1-03300-00)

The Individual Study Screen or ISS, model 1-03300-00, is a projection screen designed for individual use by students with low vision to view filmstrips and other materials magnified on a screen up close. Student can view materials simultaneously with other students; if placed correctly, screen can magnify material up to 7 times. Clear acrylic frame. Image is projected from rear on frosted plastic insert. Rubber feet prevent slipping.

Zoom 6000

Low vision projection system allows inspection of images which can be magnified up to 720X. Video camera is used with closed circuit television or CCD camera and monitor. Working distances range from 37mm to 177mm. Magnification from 23X to 36X at camera; 4.6X to 720X on a 9 inch monitor. Various lenses and adapters available.

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