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Braille Drawing Kit

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---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a color pencil set with specialized character-forms on the head as a teaching aid for young children with low-vision and/or blindness. Because young children are able to grasp concepts of shapes better than mere words or Braille, creating a pencil for the color red that has an apple shape on the head allows the child to color by association to real-life objects. Each color in the set has a retractable led pencil with a button on its side

Raised Line Drawing Kit: Basic (23-5901-6) & Complete (23-6001-4)

The Basic and Complete Raised Line Drawing Kits are braille and raised line drawing kits designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Kits contain drawing materials and equipment needed to create raised line drawings of mathematical and geometrical diagrams, etc., in actual representation (not in reverse). The Basic Kit, model 23-5901-6, includes 100 sheets of Mylar (10-inch square), a 12-inch braille ruler, a pencil stylus, and an 11.5-inch square drawing board with a rubbe

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