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Catheter Connector

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Catheter Connector (Model 72940)

The Catheter Connector, model 72940, is a tapered, polyethylene plastic joint designed for easy hook-up of a Foley retention catheter to a leg bag. One end fits into the catheter tube and the other end into the leg bag tube. Both ends of the fitting are tapered from .25 to 5/16 inches O.D. Persons with minimum strength should be able to use this connector. Packed one dozen connectors to a bag.

Catheter Connector (Models 6030, 6568, 6779, 6782, 6055, & 6056)

The Catheter Connector is a plastic connector for catheter tubing. The connectors are available with a straight plastic end (models 6779 and 6782) or a "Y" connector (models 6055 and 6056). DIMENSIONS: .25 to .5 inch (6030), 3/8 to 5/8 inch (6568); Straight Plastic model is 5/16 outer diameter x 2.25 inch long (6779), or 3/8 inch outer diameter x 2 1/4 inch long (6782); the "Y" Connectors have 1/4 inch tubing (6055), or 3/8 inch tubing (6056).

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