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Assistive Speech Device Accessory

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GoTalk 9-Plus- Alternative Communication Aid

The GoTalk 9-Plus is a lightweight, rugged augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aid. It is intended for people with speech or language challenges may use AAC to supplement or replace speech. AAC aids such as picture and symbol communication boards and electronic devices help these individuals express themselves, and support social interaction, school performance and personal confidence.

Intel Mind-Reading Software

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create prototype software that can read the minds of individuals with disabilities and be used as an alternative form of augmentative and alternative communication. Intel’s mind-reading software uses MRI scans to determine what items people are thinking about and what parts of the people’s brain is being activated as he or she thinks. According to Intel Labs researcher Dean Pomerleau, in the tests the software guess with 90 percent accuracy which of two words

Oxygen Adapter (Model Pma 2000)

The Oxygen Adapter, model PMA 2000, is a tracheostomy tube accessory designed for use by individuals who have tracheostomies. This small, lightweight adapter clips to the Passy-Muir Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking Valves (see separate entry), models PMV 2000 and PMV 2001, and permits easy inhalation of low flow supplemental oxygen and humidity. Oxygen is delivered in front of the intake side of the valve, avoiding the complications associated with delvering oxygen behind the valve membrane,

Pmv Secure-It

PMV Secure-It is an assistive speech device accessory designed for use by individuals who have had tracheostomies. Designed specifically for use with the Passy-Muir Tracheostomy and Ventilator Speaking Valve (see separate entry), models 2001 and 2020, this device attaches the Valve to the tracheostomy tube tie to prevent loss.

Sensory Eye Fix

Sensory Eye Fix is a safe and stable platform designd for children with communication disabilities to keep their eye gaze Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices at eye level.

Universal Shoulder Strap

The Universal Shoulder Strap is a mounting accessory designed for those individuals with upper extremity disabilities to take their assistive technology anywhere. The shoulder strap is 1-inch nylon, comes with a quick-release buckle and is compatible with BIGmack, BIG Step-by-Step and SuperTalker communicators.

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