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White Cane Tip

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Ambutech Mobility Cane Tips

The Ambutech Mobility Cane Tips are white cane tips designed for use with rigid and folding travel canes by people with blindness or low vision. The High Mileage Tip is marshmallow-style tip moded of highly abrasion-resistant polymer for long life. This tip is available in an eyelet style or a slip-on style. Available in eyelet-style, slip-on style, or threaded tip for RNIB Canes, the Pencil Tip is molded of nylon. The Marshmallow Tip Cap slips on over the pencil tip, converting it to a Marshmal

Weighty Tip

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY ----- PURPOSE: To provide weight to keep a travel cane tip on the ground, increase arm and hand strength, and increase awarness of tip orientation. Weight the tip of a travel cane with one or two large, metal nuts. A marshmallow tip will keep them in place and allow for quick adjustments in weight. AUTHOR: Wheatly P. TITLE: A Weighty Tip. JOURNAL: RE:view. REF: Vol. 34 no. 2, Spring 2002: p. 73. PAGES: 1 2002.

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