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Vibration Detection Switch

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Single Sensor Switch

The Single Sensor Switch is an motion activated sensor and eyebrow switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This switch's sensor is attached to a person's forehead or eyebrow, elsewhere on the head, or to another part of the body. The user activates the switch by moving the part of body to which the sensor is attached, such as raising the eyebrow. The round sensor responds to slight changes in pressure, including twitches and

Tabletapper Switch

The TableTapper Switch is a vibration detection switch for use by people with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. The TableTapper is placed on a hard surface, such as a tabletop or counter, and when the user taps on the surface, the switch activates the connect device. This switch has a standard 0.125-inch plug, and can be used with a variety of communication or other battery-operated devices. It has two modes of control (latch and timing) and a variable sensitivity ranging from a light

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