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Book Port Dt

Book Port DT is a desktop-style Digital Talking Book player and recorder designed for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The design includes a large, clear-sounding speaker and easy-to-use controls. Book Port DT is ideal for reading Digital Talking Books. Users can also record or edit their own material in Digital Talking Book format. In addition, users can listen to internet radio or podcasts for education or entertainment. Book Port DT offers: • National Library Service (NLS) Cartri


Explore-A-Story is an academic tutorial program designed to stimulate and develop comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills for individuals who have a cognitive or physical disability. Students are motivated to read, to imagine and to write and stage their own stories using scenes and characters in the books and software. First, they read an illustrated story book as they watch it unfold on the computer screen. They can change the screen by moving characters and objects to create new scenes.

Imagination Express

Imagination Express is a language tutorial program designed to provide language development, cooperative learning, whole language writing and reading, theme based instruction and vocabulary development for children with a developmental disability. The interactive story book maker allows students to create everything from one-page picture stories to printed masterpieces to talking electronic books. Students can add animation, text, narration, and music using the CD-ROM theme packs "Destination: R

Meville To Weville

MEville to WEville, is designed for use by students with learning, communication, cognitive, or reading disabilities. This curriculum systematically integrates reading, writing, speaking, augmentative communication, and listening for elementary students with disabilities in the moderate to severe range. It was developed to build a classroom community that promotes a sense of belonging. Each unit offers students a new and different perspective on themselves, their families and their school. In Un

Nessy Learning Programme 4 Deluxe

Nessy Learning Programme 4 Deluxe is a software program designed for use by individuals with dyslexia, Down’s syndrome, Asperger’s and Emotional Disabilities. It uses a combined structure of phonics linked with language, writing skills and vocabulary development, to create multisensory learning. Nessy enables all abilities to read, write and spell with confidence. Nessy is ideal for teachers who need to provide a complete literacy scheme for students with dyslexia. The extensive resources are or


Pictello is a story writing program designed for use by parents and teachers working with children with learning, communication, cognitive or hearing disabilities or autism. This application (or app) allows a parent or teacher to use their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to help children create and present talking photo albums and talking books. Each page of a Pictello story can contain a picture, up to five lines of text, and a recorded sound or text-to-speech voices. On devices equipped with

Read, Write & Type

Read, Write & Type is a software tutorial program designed to teach reading and writing for children who have a learning disability. Designed for children aged 6-8 years, it builds early phonics and reading skill while children learn to write and type on the computer. It does this by teaching children to type by linking speech sounds with specific finger motions. The program introduces 40 speech sounds of the English language in a sequence carefully designed to allow children to quickly prog

Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library

Reader Rabbit's Reading Development Library is an electronic book designed to build reading, writing and typing skills for children with a learning disability. There are two levels each offering two classic tales from three different characters' points of view. So, basically each level offers six unique stories. Each reading level in the series is targeted to a specific level of reading development and is geared towards children ages 5-7. They are graduated in difficulty and build upon the other

Readiing Teaching Program

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To assist children with cognitive, reading or learning disabilities in learning to read. Pictures from common trade books were scanned and printed and glued to tagboard and the tagboard pages were bound using one-inch rings. Pictures from Boardmaker (see entry) were were affixed to each page as repeated lines, providing children with a choice in how the story was read, and making them active participants in the process. MATERIALS: Scanned pictures, tag board, g

Readymade Story Kits

ReadyMade® Story Kits are interactive multimedia kits designed to enhance math and elementary literacy for children in primary grades with developmental and physical disabilities. The curriculum offers thematic units based on stories or songs. Each adventure begins with a printed storybook and features up to 35 activities utilizing patterned language, familiar refrains, and engaging interactive animations. It comes with an answer checking feature so that teachers can assess the student’s progres

Simple Symbol Stories

Simple Symbols Stories is a story reading program designed for use with children with communication disabilities. This program contains 20 stories cleverly read by a variety of people. The stories are written in short rhyming sentences and include humorous illustrations. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Macintosh computers.

Sound Stories

Sound Stories is a language tutorial program designed for use by children with cognitive or learning disabilities. The program offers 30 different storybooks with listening and spelling activities for each letter of the alphabet, plus the diagraphs sh, ch, th, and wh. All text is clearly narrated and highlighted word-by-word to provide modeled reading. Webster the spider serves as an animated guide and each book is followed by two interactive spelling activities to help reinforce knowlege. Skill

Story Comprehension To Go Interactive Software (Model N49-2-Ws)

Story Comprehension To Go Interactive Software, model N49-2-WS, is a reading tutorial and story reading program designed for use by children with learning disabilities. The program can be used by students at all ability levels in a classroom or therapy room to improve comprehension. Ninety high-interest stories cover a readability range of 2.0 to 4.9. Comprehension tasks include vocabulary and semantics, exclusion, paraphrasing and summarizing, sequencing, problem solving, conclusions and infere

Storybook Rhymes (Model 9219)

Storybook Rhymes, model 9219, is a story reading program designed for use by children with severe physical or upper extremity disabilities. This toy is useful for learning about nursery rhymes, numbers, letters, colors, and first words. The unit has been adapted with a base with four buttons that access all of the storybook functions, and page turners to help turn the pages. A friendly bookworm has lights on its hands that draw attention to the pages. POWER: Uses 3 double-A batteries. DIMENSIONS


StoryPals is a reading tutorial, story reading and story writing program designed for use by children with cognitive, communication, language or learning disabilities or autism. This application (or app) allows a child to use an Apple iPad to practice listening and reading comprehension skills with a teacher, parent, or independently. StoryPals comes with 24 original stories ranging in readability levels 2 to 6 with colorful, interactive artwork and imaginative characters. These stories can be r

Super Speak & Read

Super Speak & Read is a story reading program and educational electronic toy that uses phonics and sight-reading methods to help children relate letters and letter patterns to sounds, and helps them to build words and complete sentences. This device may be suitable for children with low vision due to its voice output features, the enlarged black on white print, and the control buttons that have blue on white symbols as well as smaller print words to indicate On, Off, Repeat, Skip Ahead, and

Team Up With Timo: Stories

Team Up with Timo: Stories is a story reading program designed for use by children with autism or communication or language disabilities. This computer-based instructional program helps develop story comprehension and social interaction skills using a three-dimensional animated agent, a talking head called Timo. Children engage in shared and repeated reading with Timo to work on listening, answering "wh" questions, retelling stories, and vocabulary. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM or compatible co

The Miliken Story Teller

The Miliken Story Teller is a reading comprehension skills program designed to intorduce children to story reading and writing for individuals who have a cognitive or physical disability. Children can follow the stories as they come to life on the screen, while listening to the text read by a human voice. The program combines speech, graphics, and animation in three classic children's tales to capture students' attention. Little Red Riding Hood, The Ugly Duckling and Henny Penny are read in huma

Ukandu Little Books: A Day At Play, Out And About

UKanDu Little Books is a story writing software program series designed to help build literary skills for children. "A Day at Play" and "Out and About" each feature three, four-paged animated stories designed to be finished by the user. On each page, the user is challenged to complete each sentence and is given two words to choose from. The program also features auditory cues, speech and sounds, built-in single-switch access, and all pages automatically print on one page. The user is also given

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