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  • HB 1612 - Joseph D. Hamm
    An Act amending Title 51 (Military Affairs) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in Pennsylvania National Guard, further providing for association group life insurance for Pennsylvania National Guard.
    10/26/2021 - Re-committed to APPROPRIATIONS
  • HB 1868 - Zachary Allen Mako
    An Act amending Title 63 (Professions and Occupations (State Licensed)) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, adding provisions relating to veterans' licensure by providing for representation on licensing boards, for expedited license, for military experience in place of education criteria, for expedited temporary license, for relevant military experience, for renewal of license for deployed servicemembers, for fees and for reports.
    10/25/2021 - Re-committed to APPROPRIATIONS
  • SB 908 - Christopher Gebhard
    An Act amending the act of March 4, 1971 (P.L.6, No.2), known as the Tax Reform Code of 1971, providing for volunteer certified emergency medical technician tax credit; and imposing duties on the Department of Revenue.
    10/22/2021 - Referred to FINANCE
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